lift suppliers

Being an independently owned company, we are not tied down to one supplier.

We are free to decide the best lift solution and company to source from to fit your needs.

Our management has had many years’ experience in not only designing, repairing and installing lifts but also working with different lift manufacturers.  Our experience ensures the quality and functionality of all products, as well as the solution fitting your budget.

All our staff are employed in house.  Our design team will build you a solution to fit your requirements and our engineers will ensure the product is delivered and working for you.  Consistency at all stages of the process will help simplify for you and means you are happy with your new lift.

The different type of lift depends on your requirements.  How fast you want the lift to travel, how many people you need it to carry, the purpose of the lift, how many floors, the look and feel of the cabin etc will all be taken into consideration at the time of design and quotation.

Some of the suppliers we work with include Kleemans, Barduva, Axel and more.