Goods & Service Lifts

goods lift

Goods lifts are as diverse as the needs of the customer.

Good lifts need to be robust, whether you’re a hospital transporting delicate equipment, a warehouse with heavy or bulky materials or a restaurant moving fresh produce.

We ensure the lift you require is designed to your specification and is fit for purpose.  We don’t just add extra hard-wearing plating onto passenger lifts, to make them look like a goods lift, we help design a lift which will withstand the day to day uses you need.

General Goods lifts

Goods Lifts for general goods and passengers. We install general goods lifts into industrial properties, warehouses, factories and manufacturing plants, supermarkets, shops and more.  The goods lift can handle loads up to 3000kg and can include features including bumper rails, anti-vandal buttons and hands free 2-way communication.

Service Lifts & Dumb Waiters

These lifts are designed for the catering industry, or for buildings in which you’ll need to move small items between floors. Service lifts can make the task of moving food, beverages and other items up and down easier. Leeds Lifts can design a service lift tailored to the goods that you’ll be transporting, including self-supporting shaft structures to minimise costly and disruptive building work and make installation easier.

Goods lifts for Hospitals

Lifts that are specifically designed for hospitals, health centres and clinics, specifically to move hospital beds and equipment. The doors include safety features including emergency release in the event of a power failure. Standard features include extra bumper rails and high stopping accuracy.


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