Leeds Lifts offers a number of maintenance contracts to ensure that your lift keeps working.

Regular maintenance of your lift helps keep your lift working and prevents unexpected breakdowns.

Depending on what service you require and the features you want included, we offer 3 packages to suit your needs; Bronze, Silver or Gold.

  • Bronze – Includes maintenance only
  • Silver – Includes maintenance and call outs for normal business hours
  • Gold – Includes maintenance, calls outs and small parts 24/7

Our maintenance packages are tailored to you.  You only pay for the number of visits you need, which is calculated depending on your usage.  This could be from 1 visit a year to 1 every month.  Our quotation and contract documentation lists all the details, so you know exactly what you are entitled to receive.

Our higher-level (Silver and Gold) maintenance packages not only cover the maintenance but also repair of your lift in the event of a failure. If you want to have an all-inclusive service where any breakdown is covered at any time of the day or night, the Gold service is for you.

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Maintenance Packages Bronze
(Maintenance Only)
and 9/5 Repair)
and 24/7 Repair)
Maintenance including access to Leeds Lifts 24-hour emergency helpline and 24-hour callout Y Y Y
On-site documentation including log card and lift contact labels in the lift car and motor room Y Y Y
Health & Safety Risk Assessment Site Audit Y Y Y
Voice link when fitted with remote monitoring Y Y Y
Response time to entrapment call on-site target time 1 hour Y Y Y
Response time to call out on-site target time 4 hours Y Y Y
Repairs of minor components Y Y
Call outs included during normal working hours Monday to Friday Y Y
Call outs included outside normal working hours Y
Repair and replacement of parts* Y
Emergency release training on-site for up to 4 people including certificates Y