Platform Lifts

platform lift

Platform lifts can be a cost-effective solution to your mobility needs around your building.

Performing at a lower speed, Platform Lifts run off standard power ensuring your running costs are also kept to a minimum.  Also because of how they are designed, there is no need for space under the lift (a pit) to be dug, which saves on construction time, financial outlay and perfect for when space is tight.

Platform Lifts for Businesses

Current DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) means businesses sometimes needs to update their facilities to be accessible for all.

If the speed of travel isn’t important and multiple floors aren’t required, a Platform lift could be the better solution.

Horizontal or vertical options available for either floor access as well as a few steps.

Extensive internal cabin finishes are available meaning a professional look can still be achieved.

Machinery Directive Lifts

Platform Lifts generally have a ‘swing door’ however if you’d like your lift to look more like a passenger lift with sliding doors, a Machinery Directive Lift could be your solutions. They still have the benefits of requiring only a small pit and low headroom space, and have low running costs, while achieving the look of a passenger lift. As with all of our solutions, we can design these ‘residential lifts’ to your design specification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much space below (pit) and above (headroom) the passenger lift is required?

Compared to passenger lifts, the pit and headroom space required for platform lifts is much smaller. Vertical platform lifts require a 50 mm pit and 2300 mm headroom so they are ideal for homes and buildings that require wheelchair access (internal and external). If you do not want to carry out the building work for the 50mm pit, we can also provide a small ramp which eliminates this need.

How many floors can a Platform Lift Travel over?

Generally, platform lifts are used to cover 1 or 2 floors. We can offer platform lifts that cover 19 metres, or 8 stops.

How fast does a platform lift Travel?

The majority of platform lifts travel at around 0.15 metres per second.

Do I need a machine room for a platform lift?

No. Our Platform Lifts are able to be Machine Room-Less (MRL).

Do I need to make any modifications to my space before the platform lift is installed?

No. Whether you’re installing a commercial or residential platform lift, you shouldn’t need to do any building or construction before the lift is installed due to the limited space required, and there’s no requirement for a concrete shaft.

Can I choose the style of my Platform Lift?

Yes. You can tailor the design of your lift to suit your needs. Whether you need to include your branding, make a statement, or design the lift so it blends into your home decor. Materials, handrails, flooring, colours and cabins can all be designed as you want them. You can even have doors that look like residential doors on your platform lift.

Can my platform lift be used to as an alternative to stairs?

Yes. You can use a horizontal platform lift as an alternative to stairs. Horizontal platform lifts can be used internally or outside. You can include a seat or a flat platform for wheelchair use.