If your existing lift has seen better days, we can help with a refurbishment on your existing lift.

Refurbishing a lift is often cheaper and less disruptive than replacing the lift.

Ensuring the new parts fit an existing lift can be tricky and knowing what options you have can be even harder.  At Leeds Lifts we can send one of our design team to have a look at your lift, understand what you are trying to achieve with the refurbishment of the existing lift and give you some options.

Request A Refurbishment

If your lift is in good working order but needs to look differently (to match your branding, or simply because the design is outdated), the aesthetics of your lift can be refurbished.  We can add LED lighting, a new ceiling, different buttons, replacement door panels and more.

You can chose from a large range of;

  • Cabin Flooring
  • Subtle down lighting
  • Hi-tech digital displays
  • Brushed steel handrails
  • New landing doors
  • New interior panels & mirrors
  • New ceilings

All our prices are individually marked so you will be able to choose the options you do and don’t want to go ahead with.

As we are not tied to one supplier, we can source many old, hard to come by parts which other companies may not be able to.