Lift Design

Any new lift that is required is designed in-house, free of charge, as part of the quotation process.  

Our job is to ensure that the lift we install for you meets your exact requirements, and that includes the look and design of the list.

That’s why all design work is included in the quotation for the lift, not as an extra charge.

There are a lot of factors to consider when designing your lift including:


From simple spotlight lighting to recesses light panels to intricate diamond or random spot patterns, our lift lighting can suit many design styles.


A range of solid stone, granite, plastic and PVC flooring is available in different finishes and colours.

Wall Panels

From classic lift designs, to coloured panels, futuristic shapes and glass or solid finishes there are hundreds of wall panel options to choose from. Our advisors will be able to send you brochures during the design for you to choose from.

Bumpers, Hand Rails and Skirting

Choose from a range of finishes and styles for the safety and protection features of your lift.

Buttons and Panels

You can choose from a range of button and control panel styles to suit the rest of the lift design.

For more information about designing a lift, please Call our team.