Platform Lifts for Homes

platform lift

Platform lifts provide an alternative mobility solution to stair lifts.

With low speeds and requiring no additional power supply, platform lifts have a low running cost. They also require little to no building work before installation, depending on the model and your space. Residential platform lifts can transport people, goods and wheelchairs.

Platform Lifts for your Home

Creating an accessible home can be achieved with a modern platform lift, combining the latest technology and design to focus on safe mobility around the home.

Helping to transport yourself, guests and heavy/bulky items, a platform lift is perfect for your home if your mobility needs change. Unlike Stairlifts, Platform Lifts have a cabin to accommodate wheelchair access, and the transportation of bulky items.

The lifts can move vertically and horizontally meaning small flights of stairs can be made accessible for wheelchairs and goods too.

Little or no preparation before installation means no expensive construction work and because the lifts only require a 50mm pit, however they can be installed directly onto the ground or flooring with the addition on a small ramp.