Lift Refurbishment for Luxury Apartments

lift refurbishment

Solution: Lift refurbishment to prevent breakdowns

Product/Service: Refurbishment, Maintenance

Client: Management Company for High-End Apartments

Location: Skipton, North Yorkshire

Client Requirement

The client came to us worried about an existing lift in their apartment building that was originally installed in 2008.  The lift continually broke down and the access reliability for the tenants was not dependable.

Service Provided

On every refurbishment request we assess the site to find out what issues the customer is having and diagnose the problem. We also get specific requirements for any updates, and talk them through the options.

During diagnosis, our engineer discovered a poorly installed lift and a catalogue of when the breakdowns were occurring and how often.  On the current lift, the mechanics were sound but the electrics needed major attention.  We quoted a complete electrical refurbishment and change of the control panel.

The lift is now back to running reliably again and an on-going maintenance contract prevents further breakdowns.